Want to improve your tennis game? A pro can help develop a personalized plan.

There are many tennis players that want to improve their tennis game simply for fun or match play. In many of the tennis lessons I teach, I hear “I want to learn topspin!” or “I want to change my grip!” Some important things that you and your pro should consider when you are looking to make some tweaks: What are your natural strengths (for example size? speed? good hands? strength?), and also what are your natural weaknesses?

For example, if you are a tall, physically strong player, it might be wise to develop powerful flat ground strokes so that you can play through your opponent and attack the net. If you are smaller but have good feet, it might be wise to have more topspin and work on
developing consistent, well-placed ground strokes to play up high and wide to your opponent in order to elongate points. If you are small and lack foot speed, then you can develop a more wide array of shots such as slice and drop shots to go along with topspin.

Also, improving groundstroke technique along with technical footwork (not necessarily foot-speed) can add a great safety blanket to any player’s game.

We are all different and that is why each person should approach changes in their game in a different manner. It is very important to work with your natural strengths in game improvement for a more effective and rapid rate of success.


About the author: Eric Hechtman is Tennis Director at Royal Palm Tennis Club, located in Pinecrest, Florida, Miami-Dade County. As well as running the teaching programs at Royal Palm, Eric was named USTA Junior Competitive Coach of the Year 2013 and one of his students, Chase Perez Blanco, was named the Junior Player of the Year 2013.

Hechtman is a hitting partner for Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Venus Williams and Serena Williams. Eric enjoys teaching all levels but specializes in fitness, technique and strategy at the intermediate to advance level.

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