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video analysis of your game

Video Your Tennis Game, and Get A Pro Analysis of Where you Can Improve.

Courtesy of WTA
Imagine having a high-level teaching pro watch you play and offer a detailed analysis of your strengths and areas for improvement.
Through the Eric Hechtman Tennis Academy, Royal Palm Tennis Club is offering tennis players of all levels the opportunity to receive insight about their tennis games and strokes through video recordings.
If you leave outside of Florida, traveling, or unavailable to take in-person lessons or coaching, you can share a 15-minute video of your tennis play, and one of our teaching pros will analyze and record observations and commentary of strengths, and areas where you can focus and improve in the form of a short video for your use.

How it Works

  • Record a 15-minute video of you playing a match, hitting or practicing.
  • Upload the video to Dropbox or other online file sharing platform
  • Use the form below to share the link.
  • One of our staff will contact you to confirm receipt of the video and next steps.

What it Costs

  • The review typically takes one hour, and the cost is charged at our normal lesson rates for an Elite pro.

For more information or to arrange a visit and tour of Royal Palm Tennis Club, please call the club at 305-661-3350 or contact us today.

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