Royal Palm Tennis Club
Tennis Programs for Adult players

You Can Enjoy Tennis at Any Age. And We Have the Programs to Prove it.

Men and women members alike find a lot to love at Royal Palm. We offer a wide range of tennis-oriented activities year round. And our conservative 13 member-to-court ratio ensures that you can play your game, virtually whenever you like.

Tennis Programs for Women

Lessons + Clinics

Singles + Doubles

SFWDL Matches

USTA Matches

Team Clinics

Tennis Programs for Men

Lessons + Clinics and Cardio

Singles and Doubles

Doubles Groups

USTA & Club Matches

Men's Tennis Ladder

For more information or to arrange a visit and tour of Royal Palm Tennis Club, please call the club at 305-661-3350 or contact us today.

*Some restrictions apply to non-member services.

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