Men’s Tennis Ladder

Men’s A Clinic Ladder Rules and Regulations.

As of June 1st 2014.

  1. This ladder is designed for those that want to be in the FREE Men’s Clinic once a month and for seeding in the club championships. However, if you have no desire to play in the clinic you may still be a part of the ladder.
  2. The ladder’s main purpose is to get our club members out there playing more. Therefore, we will have a more engaged membership for healthy club growth.
  3. Ladder will begin June 1st 2014, deadline to signup is May 22nd 2014. If you sign up for the ladder late then you are ineligible to play in the clinic for that month.
  4. Rules for the ladder:
    1.  Every player may challenge another player 3 spots within their range. Ex. #4 can challenge #1.
    2. You are only allowed 1 challenge per month and may only accept 1 challenge per month.
    3. Every player that intends to challenge must submit the order of preference to challenge no later than 12:00 noon of the last day of the month. All challenges must be emailed to the Club Tennis Director by the last day of the month.
    4. Challenge order must be emailed in the preference of number of spots ahead of you that you wish to challenge. Ex. #7 player submits his challenge list as “2,1,3” Meaning he would first prefer to play the #5 player then the #6 player and finally the number #4 player.
    5. Preference of challenge is not guaranteed as we will try to ensure every week that each player gets a match.
    6. The Player being challenged must give the challenger 3 dates in the month in which he can play. These dates have to be 8:00 AM or earlier or 6:00 PM or later. The dates may also be weekends in the range of 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM. The challenger must accept one of these dates. Also, weekday work hours may be arranged independently between the players.
    7.  In the event of a rainout the same format is followed. If a rainout happens at the end of a month, then a player may be forced to play two matches within the same month.
    8. If you defeat a person you challenge then you will immediately move one spot ahead of them in the ladder.
    9. All match times are to be reported to Eric Hechtman and emails sent to Club Tennis Director and Manager.
    10. We will email rankings, the monthly clinic time and matchups the 1st of every month
    11. Clinic sign up must be by the 3rd of the month and you may withdraw within 3 days of the clinic. If you withdraw late and no-one can fill your spot you will be charged a $35 fee.
    12. There will be 8 spots for the clinic each month. The top 4 Men to sign-up will play for free and the next 4 will pay $35 for a 2 hour clinic.
    13. The challenger as well as Club Tennis Director must receive the 3 possible dates and times by the 3rd of every month.
    14. A date and time must be accepted by the 5th of every month.
    15. Therefore, matches are to be played the 6th of the month through the last day of the month.
    16. If you are currently involved in the club championship and still involved in the draw then your club championship matches will count as ladder matches and you are exempt from all ladder rules.

Please direct your questions to the Club’s Tennis Director, Eric Hechtman

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