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9-11 and the 2016 U.S. Tennis Open

I remember September 11, 2001 like it was yesterday. I walked into my first class at Miami Sunset Senior High School embracing my senior year and then suddenly every class room in the school had their TV’s tuned to the horror that was unraveling in New York. That day will never be forgotten, and the […]

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Pro tips on choosing a tennis racquet

As a teaching pro, I am constantly asked by competitive and social tennis players which racquet they should switch to. In today’s world of significantly advanced technology, this is not such a simple question to answer as much of the decision-making has to do with a particular player’s abilities. Most racquets with thick beams are […]

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Tennis lessons for beginners

Just starting tennis? Lessons with an experienced USPTA pro are the best way I go. Tennis is a very technical sport and jumping right into match play can reinforce bad habits that make learning proper technique and strategy more difficult. If your child is starting out, it’s very important to teach them the modern approach […]

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Footwork and The Serve

Who would ever think that the feet would be such an important part of a stand still shot. There are essentially three different footworks on the serve: (1) Moving both the left and right foot, (2) Moving just the right foot forward, and (3) Keeping both feet still. There are a few pros that move […]

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Balance and Shot-making

Tennis is a sport that requires quick accurate movements. Therefore, balance is essential for accurate shot making and quick movement. Balance on the tennis court is an entire body movement and is very similar to sports like surfing or snowboarding in which perfect balance is a must. Everything first starts with your feet. In order […]

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