Balance and Shot-making

Tennis is a sport that requires quick accurate movements. Therefore, balance is essential for accurate shot making and quick movement. Balance on the tennis court is an entire body movement and is very similar to sports like surfing or snowboarding in which perfect balance is a must. Everything first starts with your feet. In order to have proper balance you need a large spacing in your feet when you hit and in-between your shots as well as having your body weight centered or forward. The next aspect moving up the body is the legs in which your knees must be bent in order to have a lower center of gravity. Then, once you have spaced your feet and bent your knees, you must keep your back and shoulders as erect as possible in order to ensure a clean strike in the center of your racquet. The last key in order to maintain proper balance is to keep your head down and still. The second your head moves in any direction the entire body will follow. Next time you’re out there space the feet, bend the knees, keep the back straight, and keep your head down and still in order to ensure you are balanced!

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