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Footwork and The Serve

Who would ever think that the feet would be such an important part of a stand still shot. There are essentially three different footworks on the serve: (1) Moving both the left and right foot, (2) Moving just the right foot forward, and (3) Keeping both feet still. There are a few pros that move […]

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Balance and Shot-making

Tennis is a sport that requires quick accurate movements. Therefore, balance is essential for accurate shot making and quick movement. Balance on the tennis court is an entire body movement and is very similar to sports like surfing or snowboarding in which perfect balance is a must. Everything first starts with your feet. In order […]

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Court Positioning – Doubles

In the previous article, I discussed singles court positioning at the baseline. In this article, I will discuss doubles court positioning, both at the baseline and at the net. Similar to singles, doubles court positioning should first be played to maximize individual and team strengths. In doubles, unlike singles, however, having a strong relationship with […]

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Court Positioning – Singles

Court positioning is one of the most useful tactical weapons in the sport of tennis. There is court positioning for both doubles and singles and also court positions for playing the net and the baseline. Court positioning can also change depending on your strengths and weaknesses and your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. I will discuss […]

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